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At Express GC, we offer immediate relief to secure your property and prevent any further damage from happening. We have the speed, skill and specialization to handle any size storm in order to contain, clean-up and restore your commercial property when mother nature hits.

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We focus on using quality materials that have been sourced from trusted suppliers to guarantee a top finish. We also do our best to keep the noise levels down, while also keeping any construction equipment out of view so you can maintain appearances. With years of experience in the industry, we understand that communication really is the key to success, and that is why we will keep you updated on work progress daily while also maintaining our 100% satisfaction rate.

  • Drying & Dehumidification
    The drying and dehumidification portion of mitigation is the beginning and most important step in managing your water loss. Immediate response is key, when done correctly, within 24-48 hours; it can minimize damage caused by moisture thus reducing the cost of demolition and reconstruction. This not only saves money, but also gets you back into business sooner.
  • Tracking Hidden Moisture
    Express Remediation uses state-of-the-art equipment to track hidden moisture, create moisture maps of the building and continue drying process until the moisture map and moisture readings are back down to a base line reading that is acceptable and will not promote unwanted microbial growth.
  • Mold Remediation
    Express Remediation has a collective experience of more than 50 years in mold remediation procedures, measuring from small jobs of 1 room or office suite to catastrophic losses (Super storm Sandy, Hurricane Ivan, Ike, Katrina, etc). We first utilize containment and decontamination chambers to ensure the mold doesn’t spread during mitigation, we then utilize negative air and air scrubbing to eliminate airborne microbial. After we remove the contaminated material, we thoroughly clean the affected areas with EPA registered antimicrobials and encapsulate using mold resistant primers to resist future growth.


In time-critical situations, it takes the right team to organize the best response. In addition to our in-house staff, we work with specialty trades, architects, engineers, and the building department to enhance a project’s effectiveness and speed. During the reconstruction stage, we strive to reduce the down time of the damaged properties.


Express and its affiliates are ready to respond to your location to reduce further damage, secure your property and develop a plan to get you back up and running.


Our expertise in reconstructing damaged structures is virtually unmatched with over 60 combined years of experience. Express Remediation team members have experience in many loss types, including hospitals, health centers, multi-family facilities, hotels, schools, churches and residential properties.


Express Remediation is qualified to evaluate damages and make proper recommendations. Express team members and its affiliates have experience with all aspects of restoration. You can expect a Express member to visit your property to scope the damage and determine the work that needs to be completed. Once the damage has been assessed, a proper value will be determined based on the work.

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